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What was the weekend like?

To start with, The Telegraph carried this piece about the recent incident that had a blogger lift the entire contents of my post and paste it word for word into her post. As regular readers of this blog do know, … Continue reading

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What all do you drop on the way to where you are now?

Think hard. I would like to think I havent dropped much. I have added on. The most obvious would be the kilos. The possessions. The worries. The husband. The child. The house. The jewellery. The cars. The staff. Their salaries. … Continue reading

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How holiday shopping happened or rather, didn’t.

And here’s what good resort wear should look like.   The panic started when it was decided we were a)going to Goa and b)staying at a hotel where folks generally checked in with coordinated luggage. Yes, yes, yes. I am … Continue reading

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And we’re back…

    …after three nights and four days at Goa. Kindly excuse me while I sigh long and deep in remembrance of a holiday which was more than a mere holiday. A holiday, which was, as I would dare believe, … Continue reading

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