The paunch on permagrow

My first post on wordpress. Rather like a first date with a new crush. Everything is new and unfamiliar. But what I really find I like right now is the fact the text size is really superduper humunguous huge which means I can type unhindered without squinting furiously at the screen from behind contact lensed eyes that I suspect are going in the bifocal way. Ah, am ageing so badly, it feels the body is crumbling in everyway possible. Anyway, the topic under discussion in this post is the paunch. The presence of. Which I discovered rather sadly in the mirror of a changing room when I went in to try out a pair of jeans. Ambitiously, these were low waisted ones, which then had a huge roll of stretch marked dimpled and jiggly fat slurp itself over the waistband and hang lose in the no mans land between breast line and hip line. Never try on low waisted jeans in a changing room with three sided Belgian mirrors guaranteed to give you a perfect specific reflection, which is undoubtedly one you dont want to see. In full glory, the tyres at the once supple waistline brought me to tears. And the saddlebags were magnified so dreadfully was sure I was looking at a trick mirror, one of the sort that is actually meant for the funny hall of mirrors in the fairs of one’s childhood where one laughed at oneself and went out secure in the knowledge that one was nothing like the reflection in the mirror. The naughty paunch is on permagrow. Yes, I have been overindulging a bit lately. Its holiday season and mango season and visitor season. Like last year, it all adds up to mega kilos of fat and flab gathering force around the body. Promise to crack the whip on self and get that recalcitrant paunch tucked back inside as soon as school starts. What is it about becoming a mom, and scheduling one’s life around the brat’s school calendar?Just back from a mini break where it seems I have spent the entire three days lounging around the pool on a sun deck chair, downing beer and chicken lollipops, (yes, thats me, the fat one, eating like a porcine relative of the oinkers), and bloating. Last week I put the paunch down to PMS, but this week couldnt really hang onto that lame excuse since was done with the flow of the excess water retention. Okay, will now dispense with the pretence of exercising and get down to really serious exercising. Which means I will now walk to the car instead of having it driven to the point of exit of the stairway. What a slacker I am…..


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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6 Responses to The paunch on permagrow

  1. Average Jane says:

    Ah, so nice to see you here. Am fresh out of tea and cookies though if you have a mind to drop in but the vintage pessimism and angst is all there in abundance.


  2. thirtysixandcounting says:

    Hey Jane, good of you to drop by. Great seeing old friends around.


  3. childwoman says:

    I am happy to see you here…very..and thats a classic photo I must say!!! You know, when I am shopping in a mall, I usually wonder, if I would bump into you!!!


  4. thirtysixandcounting says:

    Hey Tara, good to be here and see you again…ah, I flatter myself I look presentable in this one…


  5. childwoman says:

    The family pic is very nice. And you look lovely….and what flab are you talking about? what? where?


  6. childwoman says:

    Mum is good….I am really scared to say that at times and very very very afraid that I will jinx her…..


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