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Miss a brother…

The husband has three sisters. And he is a generous soul. Naturally I am half tempted to tie on an additional rakhi on his hand every Raksha Bandhan, given the largesse he distributes every year. And it would be valid … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

Proved right. Women are genetically programmed to shop. I really like reading the newspaper these days. A lot of the news just proves that the powers above have set out little elves working in remote labs to validate what I … Continue reading

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Goodnight…am off to sleep…

Without having to bribe research scientists, my favourite theory about my inexplicable weight gain has been validated. So goes the news report, “Every two years for 16 years, the Nurses Health Study collected data from more than 68,000 women between … Continue reading


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The skirting of the male gaze

  Lunch with the girls. Chic cafĂ©, with an impressive Continental brunch menu which allowed you one drink or beer, one soup or salad, three starters of your choice, a main course and a dessert, all of which you can … Continue reading

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Back to the blog. Withdrawal symptoms awful…

For a week, wordpress has held me at bay, like some unwanted maladrous suitor chasing a high society diva. Never got beyond the login page. Kind of reminded of my days of youth and not so much glory, when faint … Continue reading

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Shopping withdrawal pangs…

Havent shopped for a month now. To me thats like saying I havent eaten for a month now. Both of which were unthinkable to start with, and only one who sees me can imagine how antsy one has become. Climbing … Continue reading

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Gossiping with the girls

  While the rest of the city was getting itself flooded and twisted into knots over cancelled trains and delayed flights and such like, yours truly and a couple of friends chilled over a lovely home cooked lunch, while the … Continue reading

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