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By the hair of her chinnie chin chin

After having mortgaged myself life and limb to pay for all the laser treatments to reduce manly outcrop on chin and mouche, have discovered that polycystic ovaries are not to be trusted. They cannot be trusted to let good enough … Continue reading

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Was tagged for this on the baby blog, so did it meekly. And then realised it fitted in better out here, so here it comes. Moppets Mom, you were right. Enjoy. It perhaps says a lot about what people think … Continue reading

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Lets talk.

  You think you see me stuck to the phone nonstop, chewing my meal like a cow on mastication overdrive while dishing out the dirt on who’s getting it off with whom (all celebrity trivia rest assured, the rest of … Continue reading

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Since I am too lazy too post….

…am doing the unthinkable and cut pasting a rather screamingly hilarious forward I received the other day. For all ye who have suffered the ignonimonies of plugging the monthly flow, here goes…. AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. JAMES THATCHER, BRAND … Continue reading


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Chubby is the new chic

I didnt say that, the newspapers did. And that too The Times of India. And as anyone knows, if it is in The Times of India, it is the gospel truth and so it has been since I could make … Continue reading

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And a Happy Diwali to you too…

Tis Diwali in the air, and the palms have got that familiar itch which comes from the streets being ablaze with banners declaring 50 per cent off, and grand Diwali sale and such like. The other day, passing through Lokhandwala … Continue reading

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