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The missing link

A kind soul has put the link up on You tube, and much to my consternation, another kind commenter (Thank you Gypsy) led me to it. I’m the one in the corner with the funny curled at the ends … Continue reading

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Lunching with the ladies

As a cursory reader of this blog would realise, I am not a person to let good enough alone and must necessarily take upon myself to be the social leader and gatherer of folk to communal pursuits. Yesterday, it was … Continue reading

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The woman with two stomachs.

It is official. I have two stomachs. One that happens above the waistline of the trousers. And one that pokes out happily from below the waistline and refuses to behave and settle in nicely, like any selfrespecting stomach would, and … Continue reading

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Sated and spent…

I mean that literally. Post the angst of the morning I needed some unwinding, and how. I mean, had I not unwinded, I would have unravelled and so much oil slick on the roads from dissolved fat would have caused … Continue reading

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Do you get NDTV Good Times on your television sets?

…If you do, great. You can watch me make a complete fool of myself at 11 pm, this Sunday on The Lounge, anchored by Rajat Kapoor. A re telecast happens on next Thursday night at 11 pm. Enjoy.

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And Taare Zameen Par follows me around…

Yesterday, through fluke and a mischance, actually had a spare day in which to fill with mindless gossiping with friends over a cup of piping hot cappuchino, yummy grilled sandwiches and mindless shopping. So there we were. Three moms. Moi, … Continue reading

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So how did we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

…When you have spent 18 years celebrating Valentine’s Day, the thought of celebrating the day itself becomes redundant. But here’s why I must get down on my knees and thank the powers that be for such a wonderful man by … Continue reading

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