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Jottings at a mall food court

Donot snigger when I pass. Even if you look like you’ve been poured into your outfit and I look like I am spilling all over. I will survive an ice age. You wont. If you are above 5ft 5 inches, … Continue reading

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And the truth is…

…that I am a lily livered coward, and will dare not confront the weighing scale and the demon that lies snarling within it. Therefore I will walk and walk, and eat less and console myself that one has moved up … Continue reading

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Awalking we will go.

There was I, walking to the song in my head, at a steady pace and rhythm, acutely conscious of belly jiggle and lung area extra bounce brought on by the pulls of gravity and such unpleasant things, not fit for … Continue reading

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Quote for the day

“I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes.” Oprah Winfrey. You rock girl. And all your lovely shoes too.  

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A great find may not always be what you think it is

So there was I, at this brilliant store just off the Mega Mall inroad near Oshiwara, called Cool Clothing Company. And cool it was. Anyone wanting your daily dose of Zara’s and Nexts and such like at rock bottom (and … Continue reading

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The sun on my skin not a nice feeling. I know, I know, all ye living in climes where the sun is a luxury will want to take out a well heeled shoe and chuck it in my general direction. For which I will … Continue reading

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Help me, there are live creatures growing in my bag

Due to ingenious circumstances of me being rather stressed out and lazy, and wrung out by the heat and humidity, and also going on this lose the weight now regimen, I am shamed to say I havent changed my bag … Continue reading

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The first casualty of my new found regimen

Them stilletoes. The loves of my life. Preciously hoarded and stacked in neat little cardboard boxes, in my cupboards, in my drawers, in shoe cabinets, in the old sideboard now relegated to the balcony. I now wear only ballerinas or … Continue reading

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Update on weighty issues

I have made a resolution not to weigh myself. Naturally that means after two days of cutting down on ingestion of food and walking for an hour, I ran like wild dogs were chasing me to the weighing machine, which … Continue reading

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Way to lose

So there I was, in my running shoes, in the park, while the brat amused himself by picking out creepy crawlies in the sandpit, to the accompaniment of my occasional cries of “Put it down, put it down,” punctuating the … Continue reading

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