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Jottings Part 2:At an airport lounge

Do you mind not taking that bag I’ve placed on the seat, putting it down on the floor and sitting on said seat. The bag didnt need the seat, my arthritic mother did, and she’s just gone to the loo. … Continue reading

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Hair, it goes…

Combed the tresses out this morning to discover there was more left on the comb than on the scalp. Huge gobs of it that one rolled up between forefinger and thumb and chucked into dustbin, with requisite maudlin expression. And … Continue reading

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Shopping in Namma Bengaluru

  If a person can buy something she can jolly well get at half price back home, just because she happens to be on holiday and that by itself is license to fling money at shopkeepers who charge an arm … Continue reading

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Out on vacation. Back on the 25th.

I finished my packing yesterday. I am a quick packer. I throw out everything from the cupboard into the suitcase and then sit on it and zip it up. Only to discover, when I land, that I have forgotten my … Continue reading

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So spake the python

We went out for dinner tonight. To the kind of restaurant which has a forest theme, and consequently many stuffed animals about. On the rooftop of a building close to where we live, the restaurant was wonderfully open to the … Continue reading

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