Hope you had a good weekend too.

Part one: Saturday

We watched a movie. Like we always do. It is a given task to be achieved on a Saturday evening, given that we are generally bored of watching each others faces by Saturday evening, and we’d rather watch the screen. There we were watching The Dark Knight. Now I am a total slobbering, unabashed, teenage level devotee type fan of superhero movies, and some more than others, but while I have never really loved the Batman series, preferring other variants to this one, Spidey and friends, Hulk, etc, this one, I am pleased to say, blew me away. Yes, yes, yes, in my heart I am an idealist, and believe in the powers of people to fly with batwings slapped onto their backs and speak in deep gravelly voices thanks to tight throat constriction of said hood and mask.

A fine ensemble of characters, with faultless actors. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhardt are so smooth you have to hand it to these men for having finetuned their craft to a skill. And Heath Ledger blew me off my seat. No, not the good guy, the bad guy. The Joker. Guess I have a thing for Bad boys. Married one and now he’s a bad boy, in a good boy costume, itching to rip the cover off and go trawling in the dark.

Anyway, throughout the movie I could only feel an aching sense of loss. I havent seen Brokeback Mountain or any other Heath Ledger movie, and I kicked myself on the shins metaphorically for my idiocity. To think that this brilliant actor would never act again. Had died. Of a drug overdose. Was reportedly disturbed after his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight, that this was his last role. If yes, this was a fitting finale to a brilliant actor who didnt deserve to die so young. He was fabulous. If you do one thing this week go watch him as the Joker.

Go see it. It deserves every damn star it got.

Part two: Sunday

Back again at Inorbit. What to do? Close friends had brought their five year old kiddo and close friend of brat over, and brat squealed and squealed to be taken to meet up, and the husband wanted to meet up his old college friend (kiddo’s father) and kiddo’s mom being a close pal of mine, it was a meeting in heaven. The kids were fobbed off on their respective fathers and we ran into the shops, all of which bore the magic word in their show windows. SALE SALE SALE. An alcoholic to a wine shop? Am proud to say I am on the road to sobriety.

Strange things happened in Marks and Spencers. Some tops in size 10 fitted me. Others in size 12. And One fabulous one I would have sold my soul for in Size 14. Didnt buy. Size 14 was heartbreaking to admit to. Would rather stick to maternity wear. Did my body expand and contract magically in the changing room?

The dear friend fought off rabid shoppers and we cornered trial rooms for her to try out tops from AND, and the most beautiful thing happened as we staggered towards payment counter with more tops than she needed in hand. The credit card swipe machine lines went down from network congestion. Think, the entire mall on sale, one gadzillion manic shoppers swiping in overbuy heaven. Something had to give. Rationality prevailed as did cold cash. So only one was bought and paid for.

But, AND, Benetton, Remanika, Catwalk, all the kiddy wear shops, Provogue, Levis, SS (with brands like CK, FCUK, Tommy Hilfiger, etc) are all on sale. Inorbit is worth a trip right now. Some shops are even opening at 7.30 am to cope with the hordes rushing in. Makes me wonder. What person would get up, get dressed and come shopping at the crack of dawn. Definitely not me. That makes me so not a shopaholic, I guess.

I am being good though. I am not buying. I am only visually feasting my eyes on the goodies on display. Like the bhog before the poor gods who can only inhale the aromas and be content.

But really, I dont need anything. Come to think of it. Do we ever? But then need and want are two different things completely. And I want want want those leopard print stilletoes from Catwalk. So much for good intentions.

We then meandered to a Chinese restaurant nearby for dinner, where the food was good, the ambience was good, and the fishtanks were great to keep the kids occupied. And they ruined it all by bringing in a live band singing onto prerecorded tracks with fake accents and drowning out all pretence at conversation. In our defence we didnt know they had introduced this special feature for Sunday night dinner, and had eaten there once before when there was calm and quiet and just pleasant piped music in the background to animated dinner conversation.

The kids boxed themselves silly and scared the worms out of the fish by tapping the glass, and found more recruits in the restaurant for mischief making until they’d rounded up a respectable gang and could actually play some games in groups on the small platform area next to where the very bad singer continued gamely to absolute lack of interest. My friend and I took turns to station ourselves and ensure no damage was done either to the venue or the other kids. And that the game stayed restricted there. Needless to say we werent relieved from our posts as sentries by any of the other mothers eating peacefully while we watched their kids.

Suffice to say I have a very hoarse throat today. But a good weekend. After a very very long time. Am not complaining.


About Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral published her first book, The Reluctant Detective in 2011. Since then, she has published eight books across genres till date. Her books include romance and chicklit with Once Upon A Crush (2014), All Aboard (2015), Saving Maya (2017); horror with The Face at the Window (2016) and nonfiction with Karmic Kids (2015), A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up (2016) and True Love Stories (2017). Her short stories have been published on Juggernaut, in magazines like Verve and Cosmopolitan, and have been part of anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Have a Safe Journey (2017) and Boo (2017). Her articles and columns have appeared in the Times of India, Tehelka, DNA, Yowoto, Shethepeople, New Woman, Femina, Verve, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller, DB Post, The Telegraph, the Asian Age, iDiva, TheDailyO and more. She was shortlisted for the Femina Women Awards 2017 for Literary Contribution. She is a TEDx speaker and a mentor with Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk 2017.
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6 Responses to Hope you had a good weekend too.

  1. Gauri says:

    Hmmm …. This marks and Spencer syndrome happens to me too. And me used to wonder too whether my body contracted and expanded rather magically within the hour or so that I spent at Marks and Sparks. Now i know. Its not me :D. Its Marks and Spencer !!!!

    It happens with the Marks & Spencer trousers too Kiran – not just the tops. Weird – I know !! Probably has something to do with the fact that the clothes are stitched in just about every corner of the world !!!


  2. Priyanka says:

    Did you watch the movie at InOrbit? Asking coz I watched the movie on Saturday night at PVR. I think that when I see you I will definitely recognize you 🙂
    Was at InOrbit on Sunday afternoon.. it was bedlam!! Not enough place to sit or walk 🙂


  3. u had a fun weekend..mine was boring..not it was not just boring , it was tragically boring..


  4. Priyanka says:

    Hey Kiran, blogrolling you. Hope thats ok.
    Btw, I am one of the people who would go to the mall at 9 if there is a sale or a really really good offer [sheepish, oafish grin].
    The other day, they had this Van Heusen Sale, the women’s wear was free for whatever mens wear you buy. Gave hubby also a great reason to spend. Was surprised to find that they don’t only stock office-kinda togs. Great classic pieces. And now they have a 50% sale on.. wait.. was it the ‘upto’ kind? No idea. The ‘upto’ part is usually so very microscopic that its ridiculous…


  5. Andy says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Read ur piece in People last night!! Just felt good to think “Hey I know her!!” even though I have never met you or spoken to you or even exchanged mails. Guess that swhat Blogs are all about.

    Meanwhile Hope Krish is better now.I am sure he will be.

    Take care of him & self

    Hey Andy. Thanks. Honoured.

    Hugs , prayers & wishes


  6. suma says:

    ahh…a lot in common here besides the age 🙂 i have greying at the sides ..sniff..its a tragedy, i swear…black everywhere except those stupid side locks…


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