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Confessions of a chocolate addict

I cant help it, I am an addict. Let me begin with a story. It was the very first Valentine’s Day I was celebrating with newbie boyfriend. Now husband. (What can I say, I have led a dull life). Girls … Continue reading

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On my wishlist!

This fab tunic top from Marc Jacobs The Paisley Print cinched waist dream from Anna Sui. These fabulous peep toe heels from I completely forget who and cant be bothered to go back and check. This brazen hussy Mulberry Ostrich … Continue reading

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How to dress your curves

(This article was published in New Woman recently, but I thought it might help many of us battling weight and dressing demons, so enjoy!) How to dress your curves For New Woman By Kiran Manral   Yes, so you’re not … Continue reading

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Reinvention and the woman

Leopard Print peep toe gold speckled wedgeheels. Multihued hair thanks to the indignity of random henna being slapped onto old and faded highlights. Tshirts straining to contain growing corpulence and euphemistic prosperity. Deep Indigo Next Jeans that once fitted snuggly … Continue reading

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