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And I have been A Very Bad Girl

Skipped Yoga this morning. Yup. Criminal offence in the husband’s books, considering he is the dedicated kind of fitness freak who could be doing push ups in a plane aisle if the flight timings coincided with his work out schedules. … Continue reading

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The fake LV and me…

So it hangs on my arm, finally. Thanks to Rohini, (Mwah, mwah, girl!), I finally got my hands on a real China fake LV monogrammed shoulder sling. And as you can well imagine, I’ve been overjoyed. Yup. With the fake. … Continue reading

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Close encounter with Madhuri Dixit…

See, I know that would grab your attention. So I will stick to the topic at hand. At a club the other day. The kind of club that is frequented by television and Bollywood stars. Naturally, then I sat in … Continue reading

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Did you watch the inauguration yesterday?

I did for a bit, before I drifted off to sleep amidst the thundering music of The Omen that the husband was watching on full volume in the living room. Some random thoughts, and no comment on policies, since I … Continue reading

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Ran, Mumbai, Ran

And so the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is over and done with. We did a bit of awareness raising, but thats not dope for thirtysixandcounting, so head over to India Helps to read more about that. What this post is … Continue reading

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The new frugal moi

Can you survive in Mumbai on Rs 100 per day? Surely people do. Surely people should learn how to, given that with boogeyman inflation getting perverse thrills in sneaking right up to you and laughing in your face, while waving … Continue reading

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Its a dark day in hell

…when I see a piece of pastry lying unclaimed in the refrigerator for an entire day and let it remain undiminished. Someone get the Brasso to my halo.

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