Why pray…

would a respectable, non obscene, completely above board and non PG rated lil blog like mine have the following come up as the top terms used by search engines to get to it.

bhanupriya aunty 1 More stats
spanking in different outfits 1 More stats
pink chaddi 1 More stats
what to wear spanking

To all ye who have landed here, panting in anticipation, abject apologies for having let you down….

The only spanking here is the well deserved ones administered to tantrummy five year old fruit of my womb. Go elsewhere.


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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10 Responses to Why pray…

  1. aneela z says:

    Kiran…out with it…I dont buy this waking up at 5am for yoga any more.there is an alter ego in there somewhere…now just confirm if you are the mysterious Guess bag carrying “spanker” in latex from Mumbai (wearing a black glove on the “slapping hand”).


  2. aarabik says:

    bhanupriya aunty??? omg! that one walks away with it! who the hell is banupriya aunty and where do kiran and aunty converge?


  3. Gayatri says:

    the first one was awesome! Bhanupriya Aunty HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  4. Anamika says:

    Bhanupriya Aunty…Pray why??? LOL


  5. Solilo says:


    I haven’t laughed this much in days. It’s hilarious. I was also planning to post something similar seeing some of the funniest search words.

    WTH is Bhanupriya Aunty?


  6. sj says:

    hi kiran,

    Bhanupriya Aunty >> I think its because of your Excuse me Aunty post from Nov 13, 2008.


  7. Kiran says:

    Hahaha – thats hilarious!!!


  8. just like everyone else, i am laffing at bhanupriya aunty… whoever she is… 😀 i shud check out the terms used by search engine for my blog..for entertainment purposes !


  9. filling the appraisal, how to write good self appraisals, how to fill out a self appraisal form, how appraisals are done
    u do one post on appraisals and this is wat u get!!!


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