Apology accepted….

Those who read this blog regularly would remember my frothing at the mouth post about how a resident of my building almost knocked my son down within the building premises, and how a scrap ensued, where I am not ashamed to say I comported myself like a true blue fish monger in my trembling rage, hands on the hips shouting included.

Well, the said person came across home the other day with two boxes of chocolates for the overjoyed child, who had no clue what he had done to deserve such joy. AndĀ  said personĀ apologised for his behaviour. Explained certain circumstances which had made him lose his temper.

Well, I am not a person to hold a grudge. Therefore, Gaurav Chopra, apology accepted. It is a sign of manners and good upbringing to have the courage to accept a mistake and try to make amends. Therefore, I have hit delete on that incident.

And yes, dont even begin asking me about the ferocious daily struggle to keep the child from ODing on the choccies, given the immediate dental history of two root canals and infinite fillings on milk teeth just undergone.

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About Kiran Manral

40 and battling flab, wrinkles and grey hair. Fighting a losing battle with the weighing scale. Living with the two loves of my life, my husband and my son. Serial buffet offender and reformed shopaholic.
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11 Responses to Apology accepted….

  1. Aathira says:

    I guess everyone has a bad day!

    2 boxes of chocolates… yumm!

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  2. Solilo says:

    Good that he did. Better later than never.

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  3. Chips says:

    That’s great news. Hope it’s also a safety lesson learnt!

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  4. Imp's Mom says:

    hey that’s good news… :)hope he’s not going to repeat it once again!

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  5. Rakesh says:

    Really? Seems like he’s planning to stand in the next elections :P

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  6. D says:

    All’s well that ends well! I do hope this apology isn’t just about accepting his mistake but also about not repeating it.

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  7. Gayatri says:

    hopefully he’ll prove he was truly sorry by not speeding around kids again.

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  9. anna says:

    Glad to hear this! He does not seem like SUCH a creep now! Btw how’s the vegetarianism going?

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  10. Kiran Manral says:

    Aathira: Before you could say yum, they were devoured by brat and friends.

    Solilo: True. He could have chosen to ignore the issue and we would have been baring fangs in the lifts till eternity.

    Chips,Imps mom: Hope so too.

    Rakesh: MAybe he is. But whatever, apology accepted. I’m not the sort to be shrewish about it.

    D: I’m willing to hope it means so.

    Gayatri: Hope so too!

    anna: True. Maybe PMS?
    Vegeterianism strong for three weeks now!

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  11. Dottie says:

    mighty decent of him. better late than never.

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