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And the blog was deleted…and I go to Goa to celebrate…

…which makes me feel a little sad, because I did not want a blog to shut down. All it would have taken was an acknowledgement and a due line of credit for the said post. But, I guess, having accepted … Continue reading

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And I have been plagiarised…

Right here: And this is the original post: ¬† Do not miss the gracious acceptance of compliments for the wonderful writing and the maudlin moaning about how she’s going through bad times. For flicking my post I hope … Continue reading

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And I would die happy…

…with these… Paired with black trews and a white shirt. Or black trews and a black turtleneck. (Yes, yes, this is Mumbai of the 38 degrees Celsius and 80 per cent humidity but when has this stopped me!) or White¬†linen … Continue reading

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You are not married…

… in the true sense of the term until you have bought furniture together. So the sofa we had bought in haste one and a half years ago, when we moved into the new house has already been showing desperate … Continue reading

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Soppy post coming up, keep the barf bags handy…

Only fair to get the warning up front, isnt it? Like when folks make these incredible sad romantic type movies where the two lovers part and never meet again for the rest of their lives, and keep pining and pining, … Continue reading

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A pick me up, the first thing in the morning.

Yup. Ro. You know the rosiness of my cheeks has been steadily been dimmed over the past few months, so you go and do exactly what a good friend would do to put the sunshine back into this dull, jowls … Continue reading

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To my mom…

Your hands shake a bit, but they are as steady as a rock when they smooth my hair down as I sleep. Your voice is thinner now, but the most soothing sound I could ever hear. Your eyes are rheumy … Continue reading

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