Bring on the animals…

So I finally had to crack, given that I was craving animal protein more than I had ever craved icecream. Or chocolate. Or even sex. And that is saying a lot.

Push came to shove when the niece returned home from a jaunt down Linking Road when a bucket full of fingerlickin good KFC, and the brain went into justification mode. Was I happy depriving myself of animal content in the diet? No. I was miserable. Was I feeling lighter, healthier, slimmer? No. Honestly, as much as I was trying to delude myself into staying put on the straight and narrow, I wasnt feeling any difference, just an increasing sense of sullen anger at sitting on the sidelines while the rest of the clan whooped it up with chicken tandoori and the likes, with me chewing on my paneer in teeth gnashing rage. I am not cut out for deprivation, I console myself. I also think the timing was bad. I can only cut out one thing at a time in my life, and by virtue of financial crunch shopping is already cut off and binned, and binning animal protein at the same time was classic bad timing. I need to ease myself slowly into things. Imagine not buying myself a single new thing over a period of two months, and not even having the consolation of being able to sink my teeth into some stomach filling hunger pang satisfying food. Naturally, I was Miss Grouch personified the past couple of months.

See you later folks, I have two months of deprivation I need to catch up with.

And for all of ye who are vegetarians, my deepest, bowing admiration. How do you folks do it? I caved in so quickly. Of course, I also have no resolve. But thats another post altogether.


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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8 Responses to Bring on the animals…

  1. Serendipity says:

    lol! welcome back 🙂


  2. Orange Jammies says:

    Mocambo Cafe in Fort. Roast tongue in a rich onion sauce with garlic and rosemary potatoes. Or the Indigo Deli burger, medium rare with bacon and cheddar. Or crispy chilli orange lamb at East. Or smoked salmon bagels at Basilico. Anyday, anytime, be happy to join ya. And yeah, welcome back to life. 🙂


  3. Serendipity says:

    Dude OJ I wanna come now. 😀
    Prach and I lunched at the ITC at Parel. The buffet. All new definition to the word ‘tender’ in tenderloin. {sigh}


  4. Aathira says:

    Finally… I am so happy you did not leave this side so quick.

    I love my meat.. and I eat it at most once a weak, but I need it!


  5. Kiran Manral says:

    Ser, OJ: I think a celebratory lunch is due.

    Aathira: I think I’m not leaving this side anytime soon.


  6. Mumbai Diva says:

    I know. I know. Atleast you tried. Me has no will power for even that….


  7. Priyanka says:

    2 months. On the first try. Not good? Very good, must say.
    Am among the reformed-vegetarians – but then having watched a goat being butchered is hardly something I recommend for someone who wants to give up meat! Stay away from farms, Kiran, go to KFC. A few cms extra on the waist is a better deal than being emotionally scarred and having a smaller menu to choose from at awesome restaurants. And lets not forget the taste…. [drools]


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