And I have been plagiarised…

Right here:

And this is the original post:


Do not miss the gracious acceptance of compliments for the wonderful writing and the maudlin moaning about how she’s going through bad times. For flicking my post I hope she does. And of course, the sheer audacity in refusing to put up the comments informing her that everyone in the blogosphere knows where the original came from. At last count at least 15 people I know have called, mailed in, smsed to tell me about it. And most of these have left her comments too… which are obviously going to be unpublished….

This hurts because this was such a personal post, one of the rare ones I do when I bare my heart… and it hurts because the one who has plagiarised has no inkling whatsoever of the pain that made me write such a post….


About Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral published her first book, The Reluctant Detective in 2011. Since then, she has published nine books across genres till date. Her books include romance and chicklit with Once Upon A Crush (2014), All Aboard (2015), Saving Maya (2017); horror with The Face at the Window (2016), psychological thriller with Missing, Presumed Dead (2018) and nonfiction with Karmic Kids (2015), A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up (2016) and True Love Stories (2017). Her short stories have been published on Juggernaut, in magazines like Verve and Cosmopolitan, and have been part of anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Have a Safe Journey (2017) and Boo (2017). Her articles and columns have appeared in the Times of India, Tehelka, DNA, Yowoto, Shethepeople, New Woman, Femina, Verve, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller, DB Post, The Telegraph, the Asian Age, iDiva, TheDailyO and more. She was shortlisted for the Femina Women Awards 2017 for Literary Contribution. In 2018, she was awarded the International Women's Day award for literary excellence by ICUNR and Ministry of Women and Children, Government of India. She is a TEDx speaker and a mentor with Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk 2017.
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98 Responses to And I have been plagiarised…

  1. Lakshmi says:

    What an idiot no? And Ive been posting comments, which she’s refusing to accept. How long can she live in denial?!!


  2. suma says:

    that was one post i had read but it seemed so personal and touching that i had nothing to add but a silent prayer…

    and to see someone else copy so blatantly and confidently…. 😦


  3. Kiran Manral says:

    Laks: Everyone I know has been sending her comments and nor is she taking the post down nor has the guts to publish the comments.

    Suma: And accepting compliments for it to boot!


  4. Serendipity says:

    how can her conscience not prick her!!


  5. sraikh says:

    Seriously how dumb can people be. WHat is wrong with her? How can she continue blogging now?


  6. Awful..left her a comment for what its worth…Chandni faced this once and though the copy cat didnt publish comments she took down the blog eventually


  7. Solilo says:


    Kiran, Ask her how she has same feeling about your husband.

    Weird that people copy-paste feelings too? 😐


  8. Solilo says:

    Oh my! I just read and she copied it verbatim.


  9. D says:

    Holy $#!t! How dare she be so brazen? Unbelievable.

    Btw, how did you find out?


  10. Athira says:

    This is awful! I posted a (hopefully) scathing comment on her blog too, but she didn’t approve it. I read your blog regularly, you’re doing a great job!


  11. momsy says:

    hi…have been a reading your blog for some time now…never got around to leaving a word….but this post just made me delurk..truly sick!

    Read some of the copycat’s previous posts as well and I think she is a serial cheater…

    Check out the above post, I am 100% sure, the original source is someone else, coz I have read exactly the same post on another blog….cant recollect which one though.


  12. This is unbelievable! How can anyone do that and hope to get away with it? It’s copied verbatim – and that, too, a very personal post! Is she that dumb that she thought no one would realize it was flicked from yours?


  13. Kiran Manral says:

    Ser: Maybe because she doesnt have one?

    Sraikh: She just put up a post this morning about how life is so bitchy…maybe if she behaved and didnt flick other’s stuff, it wouldnt be…

    Gooddaysunshine: This one is not bothering to publish the umpteen comments readers and friends and I have sent…

    Solilo: The gall, the gall…

    D: Been getting calls and smses all around from readers. I get thousands of readers a day, someone was bound to notice it…cant believe someone would have the gall to cut paste so brazenly and now refuse to take down the damn post or put a credit line…


  14. I’ve been commenting too, but she just simply refuses to accept them.

    I can understand her not publishing the comments or not apologizing, but not even taking the post down is the height of loserishness.

    How low do you have to be to copy verbatim someone’s feelings? Lower than the low.


  15. Vidya says:

    I have sent her my comments about how she should be ashamed of herself,so sorry to hear this!I am shocked at how some people have no scruples what so ever!
    Big hugs!


  16. Broom says:

    Funniest thing is the first line on her ‘About’ page:

    “I am not a writer”



  17. B o o. says:

    This is as low as you can get in the blog world. Pathetic. I cringed when I read the words, “I would be blessed if my son grows up with one tenth the loyalty and devotion you have”. 😦


  18. bleddy plagiarising cow. find her email and send her a stinker lady k. let me put this up on my blog too. shame her into taking it down since she seems to have none of her own


  19. Meira says:

    Yuck! I tried boo-ing her on her blog too. I wish we had a ‘report abuse’ like orkut on blogger/wordpress too!


  20. Im going to leave a comment on the blog of the person who has given her an award..really seething!


  21. Gauri says:

    Exactly how low can people get ? I mean, this lady is really the pits …..

    Have been hearing about plagiarism in a lot of foodie blogs of late …… and to think that this lady has copied your post verbatim … and that too a post that was so personal.

    I’m leaving a comment on her blog too …… irrespective of whether she has the guts to publish it or not … she ought to know exactly what people think of her !!


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  23. richajn says:

    Hi Kiran,

    I suggest you sign up for copyscape
    and a creative commons liscence. I dont know how much they really help, but heck, its worth a try.


  24. blinkandmiss says:

    How can anyone just copy-paste like that and think she’ll get away with it??

    And even though it’s been copied verbatim – I was moved when I read your post. The same words had no effect when I read it there.


  25. richajn says:

    hehehe.. that lady is unbelieveable. Her post

    is a copy of observations-about-some-people-in-my.html


  26. Hope her dreams of SAGging for eternity come true.


  27. aargee says:

    @ momsy: The post you have mentioned, i had also read it elsewhere. I guess it is from “do I write”‘s blog. Though I am not very sure. But she has copied each and every word.

    Kiran! I am just shocked and surprised! How can she lift a post just like that from your blog to hers?? Too bad!


  28. Anon says:

    Left her a comment on the blog Kiran. I doubt it will get published but at least she will know that it is not okay to get away with this.


  29. Aathira says:

    I can not believe someone can just copy feelings too now! I thought it might be anecdotes, fiction, but feelings too!

    Even if you feel the same, why not write it !


  30. aneela says:

    i think we should post our comments on the blogs of her ‘friends’…find out if anyone has blogrolled her/follows her? kab tak chuppey gee


  31. kodi's mom says:

    shame on her!
    Kiran, i have reported her blog as spam.
    I suggest every one of you who has a wordpress account do the same. Log in to your wordpress account, go to her post, top right hand corner under Blog Info there’s a Report Spam, fill up the form.
    also left a comment on her cousin’s blog.
    she can’t keep this up for long.


  32. Priyanka says:

    What?!She needed ‘inspiration’ for THIS kind of post?! Something for her beloved? Something that should come straight from the heart – hers!!
    I don’t understand the shame some people feel in the this-is-what-i-wanted-to-say-but-she-said-it-better [LINK] thing!! I wonder how they don’t feel the shame in receiving, reading and deleting all the comments they get when they copy-paste!!
    I wrote her her a stinker, Kiran. Two!! Just to vent..
    ‘Budding blogger’, indeed!!


  33. Shivani says:

    The funniest part of the entire page is that the last commentor has awarded her with a ‘budding blogger award’….. !?!??!!?!
    ‘Hardened plagiarizer award’ should be more like it.
    What guts, really!

    Btw she’s blogrolled Roop Rai. Maybe you can get her e-mail from her.


  34. Amrutha says:

    This is sick! I am truly disgusted at someone plagiarizing such a personal post.


  35. Arpit says:

    Hi Kiran,
    i came across your comments just now and it is definitely a serious issue which needs to be dealt sternly. i seriously had no idea that the post has been copied and taken from your blog . to verify and to determine the authenticity i checked for the dates when you and SAG published the posts and i find you on the right side. i too have been victimized by plagiarism on earlier account ( for more details here is the link of the post)
    so i share the same feelings and i can very well understand how badly it hurts when someone takes the credit for your work and creativity.
    comments have been pouring on my blog too and so i decided to take the right step. i have sent a mail personally to SAG to either remove the post or come up with an apology and give you the due credit for your work.I hope she has learned a lesson and does not repeat it again


  36. SMM says:

    Hey I have been reading you on and off though I have rarely commented. Just drop by to read about your cute son 🙂

    Copy-paste feelings and emotions…this is blatant and how extremely stupid of her to do so. I shall now go leave a scathing comment on her blog and of her friend who has awarded her as well.


  37. Neha says:

    What a stupid bi%$%. Left her a rather rude comment – not that she is going to do anything about it.


  38. sscribbles says:

    God, can someone stoop so low just to earn a few comments and hits in the blogosphere? Obviously, she hasn’t updated our comments and would obviously not pull down the post. The ‘sag’ging soul has even got a budding blogger award.
    To think of it that she copied something so personal is further annoying and I just want to know who this person is. And does this idiot even have a son? God didn’t even give her brains to delete that line. Is there any way that we can track down this moron?


  39. Prachi says:

    Landed on ur blog thru madmomma. Such audacity this Sags lady (?!) has. Can’t she be dragged to any square and we get a chance to throw eggs and tomatoes ( remember like we did in college)…Well just tell her she does not write at all..she just does a CTRL C, CTRL V. So, aptly her blog can be named as CTRLCCTRLV.


  40. Suki says:

    Kiran, here’s another case of plagiarism on a WP blog that was tackled very promptly by the WP team –

    This is WordPress’ support service –

    And here are the forums – . If you want, I can set up a thread for you. The mods will delete the post.

    Also, you can run on this woman’s link, it will easily expose everyone she’s copied from in the past.

    – Suki


  41. Homecooked says:

    Is she crazy! Doesnt seem to have any shame! Can anything be done by contacting wordpress or something?


  42. Ramya says:

    i cant believe her audacity. I left her a comment, but going by the trend, am sure she wont publish!! Hopefully, Arpit’s mail to her will make a difference and she has the minimum decency to aleast pull down that post, if she cant apologise


  43. anna says:

    i too left a comment asking her to take down this post. not fair.


  44. Diligent Candy says:

    my sympathies to you kiran.

    though this does prove you are one heck of a writer.


  45. Priya says:

    Kiran, you should report this to WordPress:

    If all the other authors who’ve also been plagiarized report too, WordPress might take some action.


  46. Ronnie says:

    Kiran,I am very sorry this had to happen!Writing something painfully personal is one thing in itself, but seeing it being republished by someone else posing as hers own, with obvious disrespect to the authors sentimentality -this can really really hurt.

    Have left a remark in her blog- but obviously, it will not be published.How low can people stoop for a few hits and undeserved words of praise!

    On a very selfish note-I hope this will not in anyway refrain you from writing such touching prose again (And will pray for it to be in a happier context with things going great in your life)


  47. Poppy says:

    What an a**h*le


  48. Ok, so I just found out her she’s copied the disclaimer over at her blog too from


  49. richajn says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Like I pointed out in my last comment, this lady seems to have a habit of lifting blog posts.

    WordPress can delete her post or actually suspend/terminate her blog if you report content theft.

    Look up :

    You can also mail with the details.

    It would be really really good for the blogging community if you can take some time out and report this lady!!!


  50. saya says:

    This post of all posts kiran.. wat a cow seriously..


  51. That is shameless plagiarisation, wait let me put it on twitter. Let others shame her too. 🙂


  52. I think she’s deleted her blog.


  53. Meira says:

    Oh …she has deleted her blog. Good riddance!


  54. Pallavi says:

    Nice point,Boo!
    Miss SAG out there writes in her list of 100 things about her that she’s dying to get married and will never have sex or even kiss on the first date. Then how come she hopes that her and A’s (her apparent boyfriend) son grows up to be like A? Is that the son of her imagination? Or has she made a replica of Kiran’s son too?
    (Psst! I keep lurking here since I came through TMM’s over a couple of years ago, I think. I did comment once/twice; you’re very funny, K :))


  55. Pallavi says:

    Hey! I just checked. Apparently SAG took her blog down! Yay! 😀


  56. monikamanchanda says:

    oh my god cant believe this

    she deleted her blog now

    but people can copy feelings too how????


  57. ~nm says:

    Oye! Main to famous ho gayee 😛

    The other post which Meira wrote about was mine 😀

    Too bad i couldn’t see it with my own eyes …hehehehe…


  58. preetischronicle says:

    I think we all solved her confusion regarding 2 write or not to write!!


  59. Mallika says:

    Late latifa … she’s deleted her blog ! “moans clutching her head “


  60. B o o. says:

    scroll down to read the post. Its in the bottom.


  61. choxbox says:

    ya allah.


  62. guruprasad says:

    hi, this is my first time here… when someone copies your stuff it feels good and bad… doesn’t it?

    but when it is especially stuff you are senti about then it feels more bad than good!

    hope to keep dropping in…



  63. Arpit says:

    Kiran i guess SAG got her dose and hopes she learns a lesson from this incident.
    i myself , am feeling extremely angry and disgruntled because i gave away the awards with so much of trust and happiness but i feel betrayed. i have removed her link as well from my blogroll and i too need to learn a lesson from this.


  64. ~nm says:

    Thanks Boo for this URL.

    But must say, she has corrected the errors that I had done in my post …Hehehe..


  65. Arpit says:

    @ ALL : SAG has been officially stripped of the award she was given on my blog. here is the link of the post in which i have made the official announcement and condemned her act. And all my support to Kiran for making the blogosphere completely plagiarism free.

    @ Kiran : i empathize with what you have gone through in the above post and hope we dont face such a situation again

    off topic: look, i made a visit to your blog for the first time and couldnt even leave a note of appreciation. really your blog is worth a visit. 😛


  66. Blue Rain says:

    She deleted her blog!!! yay!! 😀


  67. She has deleted the blog! Good you made a lot of noise. This keeps happening and will continue to happen, we will have to continue to react strongly each time.


  68. Sue says:

    I was going to post too but she’s taken it down. Did she really think she would get away with it?


  69. shilpadesh says:

    How can she do that? And that too a post so personal? I am sure everyone who has read that post of your remembers having read it!


  70. Nitya Karthik says:

    Stupid fat cow! Deleted the blog before I cud write a scathing comment. Aaarrgh how can people do this man.

    Sucks to her. *hugs* Lady K.


  71. kochab says:

    I come by way of MM’s blog, I just read your post and it was heartfelt and honest. The good part about blogging is that you can write what you want and still retain and certain amount of anonymity and thats the bad part too, the anonymity, everything is open to be used by someone else. I hate when it happens, people should have some integrity, at all times and not only when they have someone policing them.I’m sorry this happened to you,and I hope that she gets her comeuppence!


  72. Ersa says:


    I don’t have any other info on the person other than whatever I’ve read on her blog, but seems like most of her posts are from somewhere or the other…I’m really sorry.

    Sucks, though. She has taken down her blog before I could leave a comment or anything, but here is the google cache to her homepage:

    Again, sorry I couldn’t help much. Wish I had more info on her to share…



  73. tarantismo says:

    Had to delurk.

    Look at the plagiarism as a compliment, if that will help cheer you up. And it does not take anything away from the lovely heartfelt post you wrote…

    Love your blog and will keep reading/lurking…

    And another plus, look at the number of people who delurked !!! woohooo!!!


  74. Dottie says:

    unbelieveable. the blog is thankfully delted now.


  75. chandni says:

    god, the list of such idiots keeps getting longer!


  76. D says:

    Since she wasn’t publishing comments I went ahead and left a comment on this guy’s blog in the morning who had just awarded her 😛

    Now the blog is deleted 😀 Excellente!


  77. Smitha says:

    That is so attrocious!! It is unbelievable that people do it with such audacity!!! She has deleted the blog ! I do hope she thinks twice before attenmpting it again!


  78. CA says:

    Shame on her !!!
    I cannot open her blog … obviously she has deleted it.


  79. Shobana says:

    So her blog has been deleted….good!

    And I am glad you made a lot of noise and hand waving to attract a lot of attention.


  80. Gigi says:

    So i think i should google certain strings in your posts in the future and see how many docs match up 😦

    I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery! (Yeah, this is plagiarism though!)


  81. Ersa says:

    Since she deleted her blog before I could comment, here’s a post on my blog:


  82. AverageJane says:

    Have been reading you for a while! Am bowled over by the witty similes. 🙂 Had to delurk and stand in support of you when such stupidity is shamefully lurking around.


  83. rayshma says:

    guess i got here late.. she’s deleted it already.. either that, or i can’t access it.
    but did she really think she could get away by “copying” posts??? i didn’t know you blogged here as well…


  84. Kiran Manral says:

    Guruprasad: Only felt bad because this was a very very personal post. Keep dropping by!

    ~nm: Come sit in my corner.

    Arpit: Thanks once again. Am glad you stood up for what is right.

    Blue Rain: Yup. Gone without a trace.

    IH: Yes, its wonderful the way the entire blogging community rushed to my defence…we need to stand up to these things.

    Sue: She obviously thought so, since she was graciously accepting compliments and talking about going through a rough patch in the comments section.

    Shilpa: It was that post. Which is why I saw red.

    Nitya: Hugs Nutty back.

    Gigi: Imitation I can deal with, hell, I imitate certain authors too…but straight off cut paste is too much…

    Kochab: Well she deleted her blog. The strange thing is my life is an open book on my blogs, I blog under my own name, so it was really stupid to lift from me, especially since folks were bound to read it and get back to me.

    Ersa: Thanks for the support, was kind of you to put your post up.

    Tarantismo: Yup, lookit the numbers who delurked….Yaay.

    Dottie: Unbelievable isnt it?

    Chandni: You had similar crap na…

    D, Smitha: Yup deleted and gone away into the ethers.

    CA: Deleted. And gone.

    Shobana: Yup I made too much of a noise am thinking in retrospect but I was soooooo hopping mad.

    Gigi: Good idea. I need to ask God for the patience to let me do that.

    Ersa: Thank you for the support.

    Jane: Thanks love.

    Rayshma: Its deleted. I blog here, and at More of me to read. 🙂


  85. Kiran Manral says:

    Blinkandmiss: Awww! Thats because you know me and you dont know her and dont care for her.

    Ronnie: Nope. Nothing is going to stop me from blogging except finger cramps and hunger.

    Poppy: Yup. And the B word too.

    Purely Narcotic: Good she was found out before she plagiarised the entire blogosphere.

    Priya, Richajn: And good riddance to her I say. Thankfully Kodis mom was sensible enough to complain to WP before I thought of it, and they were very prompt in responding.

    Saya: Exactly. Exactly why I raised hell. THis was a precious post.

    Poonam: Thanks dear.

    GoodWhisperers, Meira: 🙂

    Pallavi: Thanks for delurking…you did go check her archives? I was too hopping mad to do anything but froth at the mouth…

    Monika: Was the easiest way out na?

    Preeti: LOL

    Chox, Boo, Mallika: Ya allah is right.


  86. Kiran Manral says:

    Boo:Exactly my point

    Meira: Thanks

    gooddaysunshine: Thanks

    Gauri: Thanks dear…

    MM: You dear! Thanks love.

    Aargee: Well she did, and she was found out. Goes to show you really cant get away with such stuff.

    Aditi: Thanks dear.

    Aathira: And create sons out of thin air too.

    Kodi’s Mom: Did I tell you you’re a total sweetheart. *hugs*

    Aneela: Did that. I was too hopping mad over the post she chose. Had it been another regular one, I would have been chilled.

    Priyanka: Thanks dear.

    Shivani: Best Budding Blogger is now best defunct blogger.

    Amrutha: 🙂

    SMM: 🙂 Keep delurking and staying delurked.

    Neha: Well, each and every comment worked…

    Sscribbles: Tracked down and shut down. Good that bloggers stand up for one of their own. In the absence of monitoring this becomes essential.

    Prachi: Well she did a Ctrl+Alt+delete on herself.

    Suki: Thanks love.

    Homecooked: Yup WP was contacted and they took action promptly within the hour.

    Ramya: No apologies, but just a cowardly running off and deleting said blog.

    Anna: 🙂 Thanks dear.

    Diligent Candy: 🙂


  87. myamusingmind says:

    Horrible ..her words were exact copy of yours ..thankfully she has taken her blog off 🙂


  88. JLT says:

    I missed reading her blog yesterday, but then today, managed to read the post she copied from you by just scrolling on the little popup. Aww, Kiran, it felt so weird and unsavoury, somehow to read your words in her blog.
    How can she even feel like copying those raw emotions.. and worse reply to comments on it? How fake can people get?
    what kind of achievemnt does she feel she’s made?
    Brrrr! Bad. And of all posts, THAT one!


  89. morpheus says:

    it looks like the website has been taken down!
    Long live truth, honesty and pester power!
    I teach and find it amazing that Grad students have no second thoughts about copy pasting from the web…its plagiarism personified and make life hard…but I guess everyone does not quite see it that way.


  90. Big Zed says:

    Lord, what cheek! So sorry.


  91. hi kiran
    this is my first visit to your blog, i have been reading SAGs post for quite a while now. Its sad to know it was copied from you. Keep up the good work. I’m removing the award given by SAG to me from my blog.



  92. aniruddhapathak says:

    One more has been really tuff to find your ever i used googling to find it out and reached here from Arpit’s (SAGs cousins) blog, which prompted me to remove the award 🙂


  93. Ronnie and Purely Narcotic brought it to my notice that she copied the disclaimer from my blog. But that didn’t bother me after all it was just a disclaimer. Now this definitely bothers me. Glad that blog is now deleted.


  94. Deboleena says:

    “2writeornot2write”, eh? Guess she should have stuck with the latter option.

    I read the original post. I don’t know you or about anything that led up to your writing that. But even so, it is so intensely personal. And it’s unbelievable how someone can look to capitalize on someone else’s grief.

    Anyway, strength to you and your husband. And as a lover of alternative healing, might I suggest Bach flower essences? Creating a personal full-moon ritual focusing on healing works wonders too.

    All the very best. Have a blast at Goa. 🙂

    Much love


  95. Kiran Manral says:

    Myamusingmind: Well, I guess she was backed into a corner.

    JLT: My skin crawled too…that post was sacrosant.

    Morpheus: Copy paste and cross reference. Dont copy paste and pass it off as your own…this generation seems to lack basic ethics.

    Big Zed: Total innit?

    Aniruddha Pathak: Thank you so much.

    Textual Offender: Fellowhood of the plagiarised we should start.

    Deboleena: Will have to read up on what you’ve recommended…any books you recommend?


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