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Buffet survival tips

I went to a buffet yesterday. For lunch. As any kind reader would know by now, for me, an eat all you can buffet is the red signal to morph into the Empress of Blandings and put the snout to … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson is dead….

…and so is a part of me. How do I even begin to explain the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson to my son? Of course, there are parts of this said phenomenon I would prefer not to have to explain … Continue reading

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The monsoon is here.

The monsoon to me is somewhat like the bad boy of romance novels. You dread his arrival with all the classic symptoms, palpitations, sweats, churning stomach and even accelerated heartbeat, but once he’s around, you just get swept completely off your feet, … Continue reading

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Am back…

And seeing the world with renewed eyes. Eyes that arent yet as clear as I would have liked, seeing as I am shaking them up ever so often by sneezing violently, enough to scramble my brains into an omlette. Yes, … Continue reading

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Happy budday to me

And a quick update. The LASIK went smashingly. I can open my eyes and see things in detail not patches of interminate origin, I walked out of the operation theatre and saw my husbands face crystal clear for the first … Continue reading

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Me and my spectacles

I was in the second grade when my parents realised I couldnt see too well. I had been complaining that I couldnt read the blackboard clearly, I am told. But unfortunately my reputation as an attention seeker preceded me and … Continue reading

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What would I do…

If it had been me in Shiney Ahuja’s wife’s place. If it had been my husband who had admitted to what he thought was consensual* intercourse with the maid? Would I stand by my man? My heart wrings out for Anupam. … Continue reading

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