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Who are your well dressed icons?

I have a couple whom I consider brilliantly dressed. Sadly neither of them are alive today. Albert Einstein, because he had a cupboard full of identical black suits so he didnt need to agonise about what to wear every day. … Continue reading

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Shall I join the kurti brigade…

You know what I mean. You know, dont you? Those comfortable cotton numbers with the proportions of a sack, in bright prints, which let you eat to your heart’s content in a public situation, allow the tum to meander out … Continue reading

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Hair cut time..

It sneaks on you. There you are brushing out your tresses, thinking you look smashing, and could give any of them fake extension types a run for their hairdressers when you realise, you’ve been brushing for the better part of … Continue reading

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And so we said goodbye to Ganapati…

…with a heavy heart and aching legs. Not that one minded. One does not. One actually sobs with no sense of decorum during the visarjaan, provoking the child to ask one why one is crying, and who needs to be … Continue reading

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This blog is on a break

…only for the weekend. Ganapati Bappa comes home on Sunday. Tomorrow will go by in a daze with the frenetic preparations. Sunday will go past in a daze with all the puja, the work, the guests dropping in for darshan. This … Continue reading

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Be scared, be very scared…

While randomly browsing through the many generic homepages on the net in a bid to get no work done this morning, I came across this piece of worthy research as cut pasted below, and felt my heart skip a beat. … Continue reading

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To the restaurant, to the restaurant….

It was with a light step and an easy stomach that I skipped my way to Machaan on Saturday night. It was a birthday celebration. Of a two year old who had no idea of the amount of blessings being … Continue reading

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