I’m a duck right now…

Be like a duck, my mother used to tell me. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.
— Michael Caine

God, am I paddling.

About Kiran Manral

44 and battling flab, wrinkles and grey hair. Fighting a losing battle with the weighing scale. Living with the two loves of my life, my husband and my son. Serial buffet offender and reformed shopaholic.
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8 Responses to I’m a duck right now…

  1. Meira says:

    er…chocolates usually help.

    The waistline?


  2. Shruti says:

    All the best! You can do it! Take care…

    Thanks Shruti.


  3. Sue says:

    And I’m all fireworks and no progress. :(

    Hugs, hon

    hugs back Sue.


  4. Bhavna says:

    The shore cant be far ahead…

    I hope so.


  5. anna says:

    we are rooting for you. take care. whatever it is remember ‘this too shall pass’.

    Thanks Anna.


  6. 4lorac says:

    I was sitting here, alone and you flowed through my mind so I had to come and find how you were doing,you probably dont remember me anyway…got married last week, he and his family are off to the”packer/viking football game in greenbay Wisconsin and I am here a lone with the dog…guess the honeymoon is over..move over Im paddling.

    Of course I remember you Carol, often wondered how you were, but have lost your Blog URL. Please leave the link behind for me.


  7. PVS says:

    hi Kiran, keep paddling. we are all rooting for u



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