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Tring, tring, hello…

I come from the generation which has grown up without a phone in their homes. Consequently, I spent much of my teenage years hanging around in homes of friends, who had, you guessed it, a phone. The phone, as the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mummy

It is my mother’s birthday today. She starts on her 72nd year. She has the kind of spryness that puts me to shame. She lives alone. My father died when I was nine, and she brought me up singlehandedly. I … Continue reading

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Since I haven’t shopped for a while…

The wish list is getting longer, and longer, and longer, and I worry that when I get up in the morning I would trip over the long skein of what I absolutely must buy the moment I get the opportunity … Continue reading

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To garland, to garland

Read this: The last time I got garlanded, I had to spend the next few hours in front of a blazing fire which chucked in dustmotes by the handful into my contact lensed eyes. When I rose, I was … Continue reading


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Its IPL season…

The husband can be found at peak family bonding time over the weekend, sitting gape mouthed in front of the television managing to effectively tune out the incessant whining of the spawn of his womb which is insisting that he … Continue reading

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Feel the heat.

The miniscule winter Mumbai had is officially over. I made note of this in my mental diary as I stood outside the school gates at 2.30 pm, watching my body dissolve into great streams of sweat and pour itself down … Continue reading

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So we celebrated women’s day…

Six of us. Friends. Who also happen to live in the same complex. A completely motley bunch of women, each totally different from the other. One a SAHM, who also designs ethnic wear and has her own label. Another, a … Continue reading

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I feel compelled to post this…

…after yesterday’s brouhaha in Parliament over the Women’s Reservation Bill. Where The Mind is Without Fear WHERE the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up … Continue reading

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Happy Women’s Day!

To all us women out there. Honestly, I think it is time to get them men a Happy Men’s Day too. Though, with no offence to the opposite sex, my dearly beloved husband and child forming part of their ranks, … Continue reading

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And Rahul Mahajan gets married…

On the reality show, Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. I am in deep shock. I found it hard to digest that the man actually had candidates queueing up for holy matrimony. Given his past track record. I am ever more gape … Continue reading

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