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What do women want

Blogadda is running a contest on what women want. The question is tough. Countless men and women have tried to answer it and failed. At the start of course, the primeval woman wanted the apple. And the primeval man gave … Continue reading

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I enter the 40th year today….

Still 39. Small consolation. Felt low for an entire week thinking about the turn of the decade and almost crawled into a hole thinking intensely negative thoughts of the kind that make one take a blade to one’s wrists and … Continue reading

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Its a rainy day…

The kind of day you wake up to after having spent the entire night listening to the winds howl and lash against your window panes, and the steady patter of the raindrops hit the balcony outside with bulletforce. The kind … Continue reading

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Award Time

Priya Iyer thinks I am worthy of this. Who am I to refute? Thanks babe. *Drum rolls and bugle calls* The Premia Dardos award. Which language is this, BTW. I look at it and Max New York Life and the … Continue reading

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And here is The List

The one annual ritual I do have, when I have a birthday coming up. I make me a wishlist. A list that probably no one who would actually shell out the bucks to buy me a present would refer to, … Continue reading

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Jottings from the Vegetable Market

Yes, yes, yes, it has been a while since I did a post on my Jottings From..series, hasnt it, but since I dont see any publishers rushing to my door, hammering it down for me to deliver yet another, I … Continue reading

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You can walk English, you can talk English?

Sue, of the very readable has come up with this fabulous idea of the Red Marker Blogathon where she invites bloggers to come up with examples of incorrect usage of the language, either grammatically or through the spellings, and … Continue reading


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June is here…

Last June I had just had my eyes Lasiked. Three days before my birthday it was. I spent my birthday unwashed and with a sweaty head of hair, wearing dark glasses every where, and sleeping with plastic eye guards taped … Continue reading

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Back to the evening walks

It has been a long holiday. Put in two weeks of travelling on vacation. And eating twice the amount that one normally does because, lets face it, travelling is exhausting. You sit around in a vehicle for almost an entire … Continue reading

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