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So shall I buy silk undies?

Hush you dirty minds, that’s not what they were for! The thought came to me after spending hours staring at a blank screen wondering what to type in. Hours is metaphoric. Each post gets ten minutes flat of type out … Continue reading

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A navel gazing post, feel free to skip

Of course the navel gazing is technically metaphorically speaking, you understand that. No navel gazing can actually happen unless through some mischance of being in the path of some gamma radiation testing type experiment all my limbs turn to rubber … Continue reading


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Jottings from the Beach

(Yes, yes, yes, I know the jottings series has long been overdue. This is for all those who kept asking me when the next would be out). You there, you with your stick thin body, and miniscule beach wear. Kindly … Continue reading

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Back from Goa…

…carrying half of the buffet table on my hips. Seriously. I kid you not. I have to now scour the wardrobe for trousers which are 99 per cent stretch lycra and elasticised waists. This is what eat all you can … Continue reading

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Post Diwali comes the guilt.

And it socks you a good right hook right when you’re not looking. Or rather when you catch an accidental glimpse of your silhouette and count your dates on your fingers and know, that no, this isnt an early pregnancy, … Continue reading

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No, I havent done Diwali cleaning this year…

I did it religiously for the past few years, put my back out cleaning out cobwebs, emptying out closets, scrubbing the walls, and all the assorted stuff that goes into making one feel harassed and witchlike on the actual Diwali … Continue reading

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