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Everyone loves a royal wedding…

Yup. Me too. I am at work and struggling to churn out features as is mandated by my self imposed work tasks of the day, and I have the Royal Channel on standby on an open browser. The ticker tells … Continue reading

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My hair and me…

I have always had a love hate relationship with my hair. For one, I grew up believing I had the worst, most terrible hair that God could ever gift a human being, it being the heavy, coarse, monstrous version that … Continue reading

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And I was on the Beeb again…

….this podcast. At the very fag end. Last person speaking while the end music started. Lol. As usual. Spoke too much.

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When The Killing’s Done

By T C Boyle As anyone who has read T C Boyle before would know, the author makes nature an integral part of his story, almost like a character by itself, not merely as the drapery to the narrative. This … Continue reading

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Did you watch the ICC Final, did you, did you?

Did you? I mean, who didn’t. There were some sane souls left on this planet, or at least in this country who didn’t park their substantial and unsubstantial behinds in a single spot for the majority of the eight odd … Continue reading

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