Did you watch the ICC Final, did you, did you?

Did you? I mean, who didn’t. There were some sane souls left on this planet, or at least in this country who didn’t park their substantial and unsubstantial behinds in a single spot for the majority of the eight odd hours that it took for India to drub the Sri Lankans, and I kowtow to them and their sanity. After all it is only a game. Did it merit that we shut down our lives and sacrifice an entire day to watch it?

Of course. It was the World Cup final, and if you weren’t watching it, you missed history in the making. Yup and that includes the hazaar misfields from the Sri Lankan team I totally take full credit for, because I had an inside line to the God of Misfields, to whom I broke a coconut (metaphorically speaking and it was a good thing the spouse and the child were nowhere in the immediate vicinity at this point) after every misfield, with the consequence that I was buried under a pile of metaphorical broken coconuts and had they been real, I could have started a mithai shop selling only narial barfi. Yup. Sri Lankan fielded so atrociously. Not that I am complaining.

How did I watch the match, you ask? Eyeballs polished, snacks at immediate grabbing distance, television at full volume and all alone. The spouse had scampered off to watch the match with his gang of friends, and the spawn of the womb was keener on playing with his accursed Beyblade than getting an education as to how world class cricket is played. (Psst, is there any future scope for champion Beybladers to earn a living?)

Thankfully, given that every home in the three 20 storey towers we live in had the volume turned up to full, it seemed like one was sitting in the stadium with the cheers resounding deafeningly, and my vuvuzela (a fake, bought during the FIFA and used extensively here) being put to good use everytime a Sri Lankan wicket was taken or an Indian batsman tucked a ball away neatly to the boundary. It was fun. It was heartstoppingly , nail bitingly stressfull, unfortunately not fatmeltingly, much to my disgust. Stress should directly impact the fat deposits na? Zap them like laser beams into collectable puddles which could be employed then to be used as autologous collagen fillers or such like.

We collectively hurled epithets at the Sreesanth who I hope the team has seen the last off, and applauded Zaheer Khan and Yuvraj Singh and yes, Mahela Jayawardena for fabulous playing, and I tweeted eruditely, showing off my knowlege of the game by commenting on Malinga’s highlights and Sidhu’s turban.

Now that the cup is won and the ICC done with, there’s a sort of aching emptiness within me, which has nothing to do with not having eaten a thing for the past couple of hours. I’m googling the IPL schedule now. Can’t wait for May 28th. What? Give a girl something to look forward too. It isn’t often that she allows herself straight eight hours in front of the television. That too with unlimited things to chomp on.


About Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral published her first book, The Reluctant Detective in 2011. Since then, she has published nine books across genres till date. Her books include romance and chicklit with Once Upon A Crush (2014), All Aboard (2015), Saving Maya (2017); horror with The Face at the Window (2016), psychological thriller with Missing, Presumed Dead (2018) and nonfiction with Karmic Kids (2015), A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up (2016) and True Love Stories (2017). Her short stories have been published on Juggernaut, in magazines like Verve and Cosmopolitan, and have been part of anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Have a Safe Journey (2017) and Boo (2017). Her articles and columns have appeared in the Times of India, Tehelka, DNA, Yowoto, Shethepeople, New Woman, Femina, Verve, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller, DB Post, The Telegraph, the Asian Age, iDiva, TheDailyO and more. She was shortlisted for the Femina Women Awards 2017 for Literary Contribution. In 2018, she was awarded the International Women's Day award for literary excellence by ICUNR and Ministry of Women and Children, Government of India. She is a TEDx speaker and a mentor with Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk 2017.
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12 Responses to Did you watch the ICC Final, did you, did you?

  1. Ruchira says:

    I watched the match along with my Twitter friends. It was like watching with a whole bunch of people ! We tweeted non stop except the last over when the eyes refused to leave the TV Screen ! Even the twitter fell silent then !


  2. Rushina says:

    Dunno bout you but Dhoni with the new look promises lots to look fwd to! πŸ™‚


  3. Anu says:

    I was at my mom’s place, and watched it with my sis! we didnt need any vuvuzelas, though… made so much noise by ourselves πŸ™‚ and actually got my son to sit in one place,convincing him that if he even rose from the seat, an Indian wicket would fall! the poor chap totally believed us and didnt even go to the loo!!


  4. Phoenixritu says:

    IPL and F1 … both are coming and we shall be back to the nail biting and cursing. Oh but it was fun, and twitter made it even more fun


  5. Iya says:

    good news then – T20’s wont last for more than 3.5 hrs!


  6. sukanya says:

    i am perhaps the only one who didnt watch the finals…yes, shame, shame! i called home (india) to talked to my father, my customary weekend call and he asked me to call later. my brother and other friends didnt answer, later informing me that they were too busy reveling in the excitement.

    i am proud of the indian team’s victory as a non-watcher/follower. i am told they did a fabolous job. Go BLUE!

    not to put a damper on things, but i wish the same level of following and support is shown to other sports as well.
    i am fan of badminton, being a player myself i was sad to learn how Saina Nehwal’s (the pride of india) mentor Gopichand is struggling to get funds to keep his training facility afloat with no aid from central and local govts.


  7. okay lady k πŸ™‚ am going to write the other side of this post. Should be fun. Will do it as soon as I have two minutes to breathe.


  8. sj says:

    Watched the match from the wee hours of the morning due to the time difference. Loved every bit of it.


  9. Poet Mamma says:

    Ha ha! Great post. Yeah.. I transitioned from a “chin up and snub” to a fence sitter to a screaming fan in the course of the world cup! What a treat to the eyes, and heart – both semi and the final! And what a magnificent sealing sixer by Dhoni!

    Heck, I even ‘poeted’ about it: http://poetmamma.blogspot.com/2011/03/of-big-match.html


  10. Writerzblock says:

    Ofcourse!!!!!! The only cricket I’ve watched is the India Pak match and the finals πŸ™‚ Couldn’t have asked for more. And I’m waiting for IPL too now πŸ™‚


  11. I stopped watching when I saw Sachin get out, then I kept checking the score every 15 min. I was sure we lost when I saw Sachin get out.


  12. I have this idiotic grin on my face every time I come across a world cup post. Whattay feeling! I watched it alone too, as the spouse and the progenitor lost faith after Sehwag and Sachin got out.


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