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Time for a move

It was barely four years ago that we shifted into this house, with much fanfare. A huge grihpravesh. Lunch for all the invitees who went over 100 I think. Now it is time to move again. My heart is breaking … Continue reading

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To the salon

I, contrary to what you good folk think about me, am very slovenly about my personal upkeep. This translates into parlour visits so rare that every time I visit the local shop, the staff has turned around completely and I … Continue reading

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The tiger wife cometh

Gah. Wendi. Did you really have to do that? Jump up and smack dab the chappie who shoved the foam pie into your beloved, confused, fragile looking hubby’s face? You could have continued through the inquiry sitting pretty in your … Continue reading

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Spot the Kiran

Met this lady last week And was part of the junta audience on this show, see if you can spot me.

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All blocked up and no, its not what you’re thinking.

It had to happen sometime. I find myself writing less fun stuff and more for the cheques. I rush to churn out the required word limits, and get all the quotes in and structure stories appropriately. I chalk my day … Continue reading

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Review: River Of Smoke

River of Smoke By Amitav Ghosh Penguin Rs 699/- Finally, Amitav Ghosh’s sequel to Sea of Poppies, universally loved by all, is here. I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on a copy of River of Smoke, given how … Continue reading

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Jottings from a buffet

Long overdue from the Jottings series, which can only be a surefire giveaway of how absolutely totally and completely exciting my life has been in the past few months that I haven’t gone ANYWHERE worth doing a jottings on. Save, … Continue reading

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