All blocked up and no, its not what you’re thinking.

It had to happen sometime. I find myself writing less fun stuff and more for the cheques. I rush to churn out the required word limits, and get all the quotes in and structure stories appropriately. I chalk my day down to how many features I have been able to churn out per day, and ergo, how much income have I generated for myself in the course of that particular working day.
Only to find myself now, not able to write for fun, as I used to be able to do. The words don’t flow. The thoughts are there, but I feel disinclined to put them down. Laziness? You would think. Nope. I’m putting it down to a serious writer’s block. For a writer this can be crippling. And hey look, I’m not even trying to joke about this, because my heart is shattering into a billion pieces even thinking about it. Because, if I don’t write, then what am I? I have built up my entire sense of identity through my writing work, and not the writing for an income work but the writing for fun stuff that I do, which has you good folks come here to read me. And today, I literally have nothing to say. And yes, it has taken me 200 plus words to say that, so I guess, I’m not really losing my touch.
I’d also put it down to a reading overload. I’ve been doing some really heavy duty reading recently. Too much serious stuff. It takes its toll. I get serious. I start hearing violins in the background to my every thought. I start moping in classic poses, draping myself over pieces of furniture in carefully constructed angst. I need to run to gods like Dave Barry and Douglas Adams and PG Wodehouse and Jerome K Jerome. I need to impose a moratorium on myself for the bread and butter writing. I also need to take one of them chill pills that everyone keeps talking about.
Ergo, I have cracked the whip on self in most un-chill pill manner and told self that I need to post. Today. No matter what. Even if I post total tripe (due apologies). I need to know that off days are okay, but discipline in posting needs to continue. And I need to be more forgiving of myself. It is okay if I’m having an off phase, isn’t it? I can allow myself some down days. I need to do more inspirational things to bring back the joy in writing again. Let me just wander off in pensive thought to think up what it is I could do to make myself want to write again.
Meanwhile I have two incomplete manuscripts staring me in my face, and no inclination to touch them. Maybe I really need that cottage in the woods (with uninterrupted power supply and a computer and broadband connection and takeaway on call, or efficient cook housed on the premises, I am nothing if not practical) to run away to for a few months and gets these written out. Ah well, a girl can dream can’t she?


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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9 Responses to All blocked up and no, its not what you’re thinking.

  1. Serendipity says:

    //wander off in pensive thought
    Made me think of The Daffodils. Small throwback to school days 😛

    //And yes, it has taken me 200 plus words to say that, so I guess, I’m not really losing my touch.
    It doesn’t look like you have a writer’s block at all 😀


  2. sukanyabora says:

    “draping myself over pieces of furniture in carefully angst” he he he!
    and you call this writer’s block??? 🙂
    doesnt matter how much or what you churn out, i always enjoy reading your work.
    but i think i can empathize with you for I am struggling too at this point and i am not even a writer!


  3. Sujatha Ramesh says:

    Is your family ok Kiran?
    take care…


  4. Anjali says:

    Wow…if this is the product of a writer’s block…your actual work should be worthy of a pulitzer…really !!
    I guess it’s just something you think is happening, but may not be in reality, coz we don’t seem to see it in your work…
    And, yea a little getaway could do wonders….if you fit one in….:)


  5. Kanchan says:

    You just need a break…maybe a trip to Kerala, lazing in the boats – ready made food, but eh no internet connection.

    *runs off searching for some old Dave Barry columns in Miami Herald*


  6. Aneesha says:

    I need that book from you this year Kiran. I just know it’ll be brilliant. I read such crap books from half baked writers and wonder how they get published and there’s you, who is just waiting to explode!! xoxo


  7. you need a break………..ok


  8. Manasi says:

    Wow if you write like this when you have writer’s block you really have nothing to worry about. Loved this post!


  9. Poet Mamma says:

    🙂 This is nothing to worry about. While you wait for the big inspiration to come to you for the project of your dream, here is an idea for a little tidbit that can keep us readers entertained.

    This is am issue which bothers most like me. I got many many comments on this on my social network circuit. I would be interesting to hear your take.

    A tag perhaps for a post on this? No pressure of course.


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