Review-The 6pm Slot

When twitter pal Naomi Dutta sent across a copy of her book The 6 pm Slot to me, it wasn’t the best of times for me to read anything. For one I was shifting house. My temper was at its most frayed. For another, ah well, will not go into how I almost served divorce notice on the spouse and put the child up for adoption, but you get the drift. Anyway, by the time I actually sat down and actually read the book, I had been through many moments of embarassment on twitter, when I bumped into her and smiled weakly, not having taken book in hand yet.

Now that I have. Here goes what I feel about it.
For one, it is quick paced. And its funny. I like that the two go together. In my dotage I don’t pick up books that seem to weighty either in size or in content, I would like to see them to their end before my maker calls me.
The action is set in the world of television, where, as the title goes, the 6 pm slot is where the action is set at. There’s a show anchor gets struck down by chicken pox which puts her out of action, and then crisis after crisis threatens to rip the show off the air, and thrown in some heart stopping and some humorous moments and you have a book I sped through within a couple of evenings. Yes. And I’m so not giving the plot away, except to say it isn’t chick lit. It isn’t romance. It’s a fun peek into the manic world of television and urban living. Pack this in your bag for a lazy day on the beach. And yes, prepare to face the puzzled stares that come your way when you suddenly burst into laughter.


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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