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So, you will forgive me…

…for a few days while I don’t post too regularly and instead bore you all to tears with unabashed plugging of my book? You will, won’t you? Cross your heart, swear to die, etc? In consonance with that spirit of … Continue reading

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Kiehl’s coffee meet. Avec moi.

Kiehl’s came into Mumbai a month or so ago with a lovely store on the ground floor of the Inorbit mall, one I passed by everytime I went to Inorbit, but being dragged around in typical ring through nostril style … Continue reading

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Did I share this here?

I gave a talk on India Helps at the Zeitgeist Conference at St Xavier’s last Saturday. Will write more about that experience later, but suffice to say the levels of professionalism and organisation that these students showed knocked my socks … Continue reading

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Wardrobe crisis moment….

…so what is new about that, you might ask, kind reader, knowing well, if you read me relatively regularly, that wardrobe crisis moments dot my everyday existence the way said potholes dot the surface of out Mumbai roads, and with … Continue reading

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It has been one of those weeks….

…it started actually, ten days ago. Dear friend Parul, bestselling author of Bringing Up Vasu and By The Watercooler called up, and said, without further preamble, “Do you know your book is on flipkart?” Now the book had been written … Continue reading


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And the lady lunched…

It started as a chat on twitter and emerged into a fullblown invite from Bungalow 9 in Bandra to lunch. As a lady who never turns down any opportunity to ingest the sinful calorific stuff, I was the quickest to … Continue reading

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Annnnnnnd it’s heeeere………. *drum rolls*

Finally, the book is out. Not on the shelves yet, a couple of days more for that, but it is available on all the leading e-retail sites. Flipkart Crossword Indiaplaza Infibeam Dialabook What are you waiting for, go forth and … Continue reading

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So. We had an IPL worthy cricket tournament…

The society I live in, comprising six towers of around 20 floors each, is one that takes its celebrations really, really seriously. Consequently, every festival whether it is Ganesh Chaturthi (five days of a Ganapati installed on the premises, with … Continue reading

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Happy 16 to us

The years, they just fly by. So quick.

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So. Women. Do you know how much skin you cover?

Hot on the heels of the top cop in Andhra Pradesh, DGP Dinesh Reddy making a statement about rape cases rising because of women dressing provocatively comes this from a minister in charge of women and child welfare. In today’s … Continue reading

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