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Some pictures from the Bungalow 9 event

The reading with Tisca Chopra and Parul Sharma held at Bungalow 9 on Friday was an education by itself. For one, on how to pose without collapsing into a fit of giggles and secondly, on how foundation that looks perfectly … Continue reading

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On Times Now yesterday

Of course I was bleddy nervous. And to add to my misery at having to speak on camera, my butt wouldn’t fit on that tiny little barstool meant for ferociously thin anchors. Gah. on Times Now's Morning Now on … Continue reading


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A ride in an autorickshaw

The winds slap at my face as This infernal vehicle which makes me wish I had my prayer beads to clutch at And mouth words I have not mouthed since childhood Takes me through a ride that stops my heart. … Continue reading

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The case of the mysteriously flushing toilet

The new house, ah well, not so new now that we’ve spent close on six months living here, is now approaching the status of familiarity. Hands reach automatically to where light switches are instead of fumbling where they used to … Continue reading

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Want to win a signed copy of The Reluctant Detective?

A simple contest, all you need to go here and leave a comment in the comment space telling me who your favourite female protagonist in literature is and why. Ten signed books are up for grabs. Contest ends Feb 20th. … Continue reading

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Night is not the dark winds Of a strange mind floating through Paths you and I wandered together without Meeting. Night is the moment when I stop and see the sun go out of your eyes and the shadow loom … Continue reading

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So I had a shoot yesterday….

…be still my beating heart. It was me. In front of camera, light boxes, and with people fussing over my hair, my make up, pinning sleeves in place, being gentle with me in case I lose my good humour and … Continue reading

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My Delhi trip for the launch of The Reluctant Detective

Day 1, Feb 2nd. Fleximoms lunch at Asia 7 With Anita Vasudev and Natasha Badhwar discussing Women who leave the formal workforce. Day 2, Feb 3rd. Delhi Gymkhana. With Devapriya Roy and Swapna Liddle. No pictures of that one in … Continue reading

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And I was at St Xavier’s Zeitgeist 2012

Here’s proof they invited me. Me? I’m still recovering from the shock that a huge room full of over 100 students sat attentively and listened to me without heckling me off, with catcalls and the proverbial rotten tomatoes.

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