On Times Now yesterday

Of course I was bleddy nervous. And to add to my misery at having to speak on camera, my butt wouldn’t fit on that tiny little barstool meant for ferociously thin anchors. Gah.

http://www.timesnow.tv/ENTERTAINMENT/Kiran-Manral-unplugged/videoshow/4396500.cmsMe on Times Now's Morning Now on Feb 23, 2012


About Kiran Manral

Author of The Face At The Window, ( 2016), Karmic Kids, All Aboard (2015) , Once Upon A Crush (2014) and The Reluctant Detective (2011).
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6 Responses to On Times Now yesterday

  1. Taa's mom says:

    awesome Kiran. Way to go !!

    Thank you!


  2. dipali says:

    Very nice, Kiran!

    Thank you Dips.


  3. Saw!! You were awesome 🙂



  4. Khan Mukhtar says:

    The people who are confidant in their sphere of life can never be cowed down but on the contrary they can cow down the whole world by perseverance dedication and above all the sincerity. Seems Kiran Manral has mastered the art to rule the world. God bless her.

    LOL. Far from it, but thank you for the kind words.


  5. sunita says:

    hi kiran..been a long time reader of your blog which is one of my favourites too..read your book recently,,must say im disappointed..firstly the title is very very misleading to the content..found it more chicklit ..your efforts to dress up and look good weight issues..all these dominated the actual plot ..the narration seemed repetitive..the brief on the cover is misleading too..the only detective thing kay does is to look over the spot once and collect the hairband and locket..nothing else to describe her as the detective(reluctant or not)..sorry but there were spelling mistakes too..
    i just wanted to give you an honest review..

    Thank you for your honest review, Sunita, am so sorry to know you didn’t find one nice thing about the book.


  6. Pepper says:

    That’s awesome Kiran. I feel so proud every time I see you under the spot light.
    And hey, those stools look mighty uncomfortable, even to a skinny person like me. So I don’t blame you for feeling that way.

    Hey, thank you so much, and good to hear that a slim person could find them stools uncomfortable too!


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