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Of exercise and such like…

I have such an aversion to exercise that I could have all my teeth extracted without anaesthesia rather than set foot into the gym. Once upon a time I was pretty regular about my evening constitutional until it so happened … Continue reading

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RIP Rajesh Khanna…

Would you forgive me if I told you you were not my favourite hero? Of course, you would. You would smile, your eyes twinkling and say something with that classic head nod and half smile which had women of my … Continue reading

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Not on track?

I was at the supermarket yesterday, doing my monthly procurement of groceries and pushing along a trolley so impossibly loaded that surely I should have ended the day with Schwarzenegger biceps. Unfortunately, the batwings had other plans and stayed intact, … Continue reading


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And the man is reading…

I’m writing a book. And what, you might ask kindly, is the earthshaking bit about that? Wasn’t that what you plan on doing as your day job now? This time, the writing is a bit different. As is the writing … Continue reading

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Keep your hands to yourself…

Yesterday, in a repeat of the horror I felt when I watched the Gurgaon New Year’s Eve molestation incident, I watched another video being shown on a loop on news channels where a young girl, a minor I was to … Continue reading

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This morning on the radio

Our drive to drop the child to school and then onto office is rather short, traffic conditions being in our favor and no humungous jams on the road outside school making it a fifteen minute one. And this is the … Continue reading

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And the birthday present was an iPad

At the outset, let me confess, I am technologically challenged. In fact, I am so terrified of change of any sorts, that when the spouse got me my first Blackberry many years ago, I sat and wept for the first … Continue reading

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Lunch at Kebabs &Kurries, ITC Grand Central

..with foodie bloggers Nikhil Merchant, Arpana Gwalani, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal and Snigdha Binjola Manchanda. How did I, a total gourmand, end up in the company of these gourmets you might ask, dear reader and rightly so. The answer, of course, … Continue reading

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