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Where the sky kisses the mountains-Te Aroha

Part of our Pahadland trip, post our stay at Nainital, which is a blog post by itself, was an overnight stay at te Aroha, Dhanachuli, just before Mukteshwar. We drove down to Te Aroha from Nainital, a long winding road … Continue reading

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A round table that was actually U shaped

Last week, the kind people at Titan invited me to be part of a round table discussing the Millenials, a generation I look on with awe and wonder and a smug sense of waiting for them to grow up and … Continue reading

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Of a holiday and a dislocated shoulder….

Like all good things, the last minute pahadland trip we rushed off to, came to an end with a bang. Literally. That of me falling down the stairs and wrenching my right arm out of the socket. So while I … Continue reading

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