The story of me

Live in Mumbai. Live to eat and shop and read. Once upon a time I had a career as a journalist. Now I write books, freelance, earn peanuts and stay vain.

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71 Responses to The story of me

  1. Rashmi says:

    Found ur blog thru MM’s.. U look incredible for 36! πŸ™‚


  2. Niyaz PK says:

    Tell your husband to stop biting his nails… πŸ˜‰


  3. Swati says:

    Hey Kiran ..Have known you always ..will discover the other side of you here:)


  4. I started blogging two months ago. Reached here through….I think, ‘Three Drinks Ahead’. I have only read ‘Weekend at the mall,of course.’ yet. Lovely blog, adding it to the list of blogs I read…my blogroll.

    Am honoured and flattered. Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Gopi says:

    hi kiran,

    this is gopi and i went thru your personal blog which is nice to read along. it will be nice if you visit my site which is a blog that provides free ebook download links, dedicated for all students and youth belongs to engineering, medical, IIT aspirants, Novel lovers and many more… and hope you will also like my website. if so, then kindly add my site link also in your blog thereby helping the students to find the ebooks totally free for their education . I will be thankful to you…




  6. Nandini i:e aluchaat says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha i love the last line. you sure are a witty person πŸ˜€


  7. pujathakur says:

    I like your wit and thoughts! Nice Blog!!


  8. La Vida Loca says:

    That is you in the header..i’ll takee it at 36 πŸ™‚


  9. SANJAY CHAWLA says:

    very interesting….u have d words…and expression….no one can keep u…i mean hold u….well..i have a publication on apparel/fashion( B2B)..from bombay…y dont u contribute on freelance basis…thou still being kept at home..hehehheh



  10. Roop Rai says:

    i am in love.

    with you.

    sounds creepy?

    please not let it.

    i mean, i love your attitude, writing, and not to mention, the picture too. you’re the only person besides me who has their own picture in the header but i went even more steps further … u’ll hve to come look. :p


  11. FreeinIndia says:

    Hello Kiran,
    I liked your blog very much. You write very well. I am giving you a tip. I have created a new website ( for free things in India. The site contains genuine things that are free in India. It may be anything like- Free accommodation, Photo Prints, SMS, DVD rental etc (I do not put any adult material).

    Please have a look. I hope you will find it interesting enough to mention on your site.



  12. Hahha …
    Intro speaks for you (last line oops) …like to see more from this one time journalist.


  13. Double Seven says:

    I don’t know where I found your blog. All I came here to say was you are not looking like 36 AT ALL!
    You honestly look like that you would be somewhere between 23-26.

    This is the oldest and the best picture I have of my self. So dont go by it. I was probably that old when it was clicked.


  14. charlotte says:

    Hi there,
    I amd 30 and still counting!! well, i liked your blog, that’s why i wanted to leave a comment. Interestingly, i arrived at your blog trying to see how to wear a saree!! And then i read several posts in one go. good work, all the best for new posts!


  15. Kanan says:

    You are funny.. cool blog! πŸ™‚

    Kanan: Thankee


  16. Orange Jammies says:

    K!!!! It’s me!! Hello, hello! Just hang on a minute, will ya, while I drag over a stool to stand on and announce that all the stuff about being overweight and wrinkly is unadulterated bunkum. Bah! There. I’m done now. πŸ˜€

    Oh no, my secret is out. ;p


  17. sscribbles says:


    can i have ur email id for a story that I am doing on the cosmetic industry. Has been following your blog regularly so thought maybe you could give me some quotes on shopping during the gloom period. Please write back on my email id.


  18. Sarika says:


    I have been living abroad since high school days and am in Bombay for a holiday with hubby. Well this was my first holi in ages and though it was fun overall – i guess i am still to recover from the amount and EXTENT of groping i underwent yest…And all this happens as a given – i saw other ladies being groped too…its a given…I was dressed normally in tights and loose top( guess it shud have been tight)…but the extent to which i was groped (i had hands under my top) was shocking….

    Is this a norm??? you mentioned it in your blog which i came across while surfing…..thot i wud write to u….have u had similar experiences too????


    • Kiran Manral says:

      Well, not anymore. It is not a given anymore. At least the housing complex we live in, the men do not play Holi with women other than those from their immediate family.


      • You know what I wonder about? Is segregation of sexes the ONLY solution??? Why can’t women expect the men NOT to grope even if they ARE playing Holi with them? Why don’t they speak up? I know it is easier said than done, but if these are men from (so called) respectable families, speaking up in PUBLIC right when they act like this should shame them into stopping. No?

        You know what I wonder about? Is why give men opportunity to grope you. Steer clear and play holi with the women folk. Dont expect to present a drenched body to a random man and not expect him to run his hand over it. Men will be men. Respectability is a veneer.


  19. BombayNinja says:


    I came across your blog on Labnol’s India Blogs list. We are trying to build an Indian community ( that is vocal around a range of topics. We strongly believe that the future of publishing is crowdsourced where content is published on a distributed network of blogs.

    For now the community is exclusive and by invite only. I’m sending out the third set of invites to bloggers who might want to utilize this platform for promoting their posts. As the community grows it could expose your blog to a large user base interested in your writings.

    Follow this link:


    PS: Become active on the discussion forums to get visibility. People will start adding your RSS to their pages.


  20. Ajit says:

    hope u r doing great….the way u write makes it a nice reading…kudos..


  21. anindosanyal says:

    Found ur blog in a daily….could’nt agree more with Rashmi. At 36 u look very appealing. Kudos. Hope ur blog’ll b nice reading.


  22. Broom says:

    Hey Kiran,

    Hope your brat’s better now.

    For some reason I can’t access the karmic kids blog here at work. and cannot find your email address.

    Hugs & Healthy vibes to the little brat.



  23. Vikas Gupta says:

    You should use categories and tags while blogging. That way it would have been easier browsing the blog!


  24. Ahalya says:

    your blog is an inspiration to me and my gang of old women cronies. Hooray to you and more power to you!


  25. Steve says:

    May God and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, have mercy on your Pagan soul.

    L, STeve


  26. march hare says:

    Oh Jesus! Have mercy on your PAGAN soul? Really? πŸ˜›


  27. Nova says:

    Randomly chanced upon ur blog… a good narrative style of writing… Good job πŸ™‚

    Keep it up πŸ™‚


  28. Jesa McGinty says:

    Hehe. You definitely don’t look 36. Must be your pagan nature:P Man, that guy must hate his life.What a dip.


  29. inbavalli says:

    Landed here with some blog-hopping and am I thrilled! It’s long since I ‘discovered’ some great writing. Will get back to tomorrow to read the archives πŸ™‚

    Thank you, keep coming back.


  30. A K says:

    Excellent blog

    Thank you…


  31. sarayu says:

    a guy i know sent me the link to get here, he sure earned his points πŸ˜‰


  32. Varsha says:

    Why don’t you try your hands on write a book about your experiences or anything similar?? Your writing is just too good…njoiied it
    Just a suggestion, don’t mind.

    A book? I dont think I have the depth to sustain through a book. Weekly columns are more my scene, if anyone is offering !


  33. Hi Kiran,

    My name is Bharath Reddy Punuru. I was looking at your website and wanted to find out if it would be possible to advertise with you. I would be willing to pay you a monthly fee just to have a link to my website in your blog roll. No need for a banner ad or anything just a link to my site in your blog roll. I don’t know if you are accepting advertisers but basically I would be happy to pay just for a link.

    Please let me know if you have any questions as I assure you I am a serious and would very much like to do business with you.

    Please Email me:
    Thank you very much,

    Bharath, flattered and honoured, but no thank you. I havent monetised any of my blogs.

    Bharath Reddy Punuru


  34. Hi KM,

    Hopped over from MM… the pic and then the header caught my attention πŸ˜€

    …and then I read your writing.. so will be coming back. Blogrolling you now πŸ™‚


  35. Hemanth says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Used to read your blog, blogrolling now. Reached here blog-hopping and now I am sort of addicted. Keep writing. A book maybe. Someday.

    Keep reading and keep commenting. Yup, I am writing a book. Two actually. Simultaneously. And hope and pray that someone finds them good enough to publish.


  36. su says:

    what fun this blog is…such a good place for a laugh.
    love your sense of humour and writing. i hope to keep coming back

    Thank you Thank you. Please keep coming back…


  37. Srivalli says:

    Kiran, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts..will be back to read the rest!..All the best on your books..would love to know the genre!

    Nothing like the blogs is all I’m saying.


  38. Karthik says:

    Hi there:
    Though I do not know how I stumbled onto your blog, I liked you prose and the poise that comes along with it. So today being mother’s day, Happy Mother’s Day! Cheers!


  39. IdeaSmith says:

    Thirty-six? Liar. I hate you already.


  40. Why are you a kept woman? Isn’t it a choice you made? Was the job market bad that forced you out of paid work force or motherhood and seeing your son grow up was more tempting. I am bit confused.

    Please don’t be a kept woman…

    Desi Girl

    Err, why is everyone taking this so seriously? Am I not allowed to crack jokes on myself?


  41. Deven says:

    Dear Kiran,

    That was an amazing blog that i have come across in recent times and love your style of writing. Please keep on writing more.By the way what are the subjects of the books which you are writing? Cheers and be happy.


  42. karan says:

    Hi Kiran

    Just hopped on your blog by chance from twitter, post your ‘searching for women entrepreneurs’ tweet. Liked your blog; will try to follow it. Not sure you know about this, but today there exists a term ‘mommy blogger’ and i think you perfectly fall under this category. You should give this link a read. I think you might like it.



  43. Perfect blogs..chanced upon your blogs thro twiter…Deliciousely witty and invigorating…can’t find perfect adective to describe them…keep up the good job..I scribble sometimes and so does my daughter who’s only 13.They are at blogs are too good to say the least.Keep up the good work.


  44. Perfect blogs..chanced upon your blogs thro twiter…Deliciousely witty and invigorating…can’t find perfect adective to describe them…keep up the good job..I scribble sometimes and so does my daughter who’s only 13.They are at Yours blogs are too good to say the least.Keep up the good work.


  45. Sadia Talat says:

    hi..nice blog… πŸ™‚


  46. Ms. Minjal Kadakia says:


    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and you make twitter a better place!

    Take Care!


  47. Ahmed says:

    too good looking for a 40 year old!!!! interesting personality!


  48. MJ says:

    Nice work Ma’am. Splendidly done. A total package of inpiration for amateurs like me. Will learn a lot from you. Will be eager to be a part of Help India too Ma’am. See my work on -MJ


  49. Banti Singh says:

    Damn! Another blog I’m gonna have to read from start to finish.


  50. Enjoyed the scribble on your tour to Inorbit with the love of your life ‘your five year old’. Following you on Twitter. Hope we meet someday… as I am also a part of the journo groups and clubs in Pune, although I am a green horn. Wish to get more involved now.


  51. Paul says:

    hi kiran,
    this is an exciting piece of work you have put on in here……free flowing, beautifully paced style…good work….i have to admit that i have become an addict to your articles….for once a journalist you haven’t lost your shine…hope you are gonna write a book soon…


  52. Anil Singhal says:

    Just reached here. Congratulations (to me)! Looks like I will have some good stuff to read. how do I subscribe to your post?

    Being in the 40s I believe there is lot of hope for me too.


  53. Hi! The Viewspaper, India’s largest youth’s paper is launching the world’s largest twee-a-thon. we’d be tweeting the hashtag #ifeelup in context to how we feel India is going up instead of down, despite all the conundrum and scams that fill our everyday lives.

    if this interests you kindly get back to me on my mail and i shall forward you the details and about your position as a panelist.


  54. Sue says:

    So update this page already. With that nice, new pic of yours from the Xaviers talk.

    Demanding Public πŸ˜›

    Demanding Public, I am emoshunally attached to this pretentiously posed pic.


  55. mukhtarsblog says:

    Your blog is a scintillating experience and it at times gives boost to my writing habits and try to write few public important issues gulping us day in and day out. I already follow u @MaribMariya on twitter

    Good to meet you here.


  56. Alex Shaikh says:

    Hi Kiran, i don’t know how i stumbleupon your website but what a treat! its good to know you are having a great time in eastern part of asia. I’m in california and it barely rains here. I miss the tropical weather in asia. Those raining days were the best! i’m glad to read your article but i’m 9 years away from being forties. But you know age is just a number. I will be updating myself to your blog in future. Have a wonderful raining days!


  57. sania says:

    though not a blogger yet, but yes, am a freelance writer for some time now. Loved whateve r i could read in 15-20 min that i had… keep the wit intact and words twisted. that’s ur USP!!
    Will come back soon….


  58. Mohit Taldar says:

    Dear Kiran,

    At Discue, we will be pleased to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first individuals to experience and explore a new world of social debating platform.
    Why you? We have selected you among one of the most prominent intellectuals in India to be a part of the launching process of Discue.
    Discue is an innovative social solution for spreading a message. We are offering a revolutionary way to spread the word by debating about topics such as politics, campaigns, social issues, environmental issues, and all kinds of topics relevant for groups with a shared interest.

    An example: Discue empowers you to broadcast your social cause to 200.000 people for free, while getting real-time feedback as well as ranked questions (chosen and voted on by the crowd). The debates will engage people and the voting features will increase the participation. Think of it as an instant collection of signatures on any given topic.

    If you want to find more information about Discue please contact us. You can also access our Facebook by the link below:


    Mohit Taldar
    Marketing and PR Manager,
    Discue, Copenhagen


  59. Love the feel of your blog…honest writing and reflection…..definitely following….would be glad if you visit mine…..


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